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My name is Robert Griffiths and I have developed a series of yoga poses that will tone you and aid weight loss. Play the video below, let me tell you what I am about.

Robert Griffiths Yogaslims yoga demonstration

Along with this I've created an amazing diet.

Tell me more about the benefits of the yogaslims diet

I’ve been teaching yoga for a long time and I smile when I think of myself being a little over zealous and telling people why they should do yoga. You feel great, you look good, it makes your legs longer, you lose weight, and you’re in more control. …and on and on!

I’ve stopped trying to convince people so now I just say “try it and see if you like it”.

Alright then why do I like it?

For me yoga has always been a pleasurable activity. It's like spring cleaning the house. Windows are thrown open, fresh air comes in, dust and cobwebs are swept away. It makes me feel calm. I appreciate what I have. The world is full of possibilities.

A yogaslims class is for everybody. It’s a flowing yoga style that leaves you feeling calm and good. It’s also great if you want to keep trim. The movement and breathing speeds up your metabolism but doesn’t increase your appetite! Oh come to think of it, it also tones your mind! The flowing yoga sequence is a meditation in movement, so you can keep that mind young along with your super lean body.

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Ask yourself should I do a yogaslims yoga class?

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what our clients say:
"I went to a yogaslims class with a friend. We were both a bit nervous but the friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome. The hour passed in no time and I felt so good at the end. I was calm and relaxed but felt like I could do anything. I am a regular now and love it."Stella, Poynton, Cheshire